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Ranking is the industry term for Google's placement of a site in its search results. A ranked site is a live site that has been fully indexed and ranked by Google. Our approach to building websites is completly different from all other website design firms. We create sites servicing a specific industry and geographic area and launch them on the web to be ranked by Google. Once the site is getting a high ranking organically (no adwords or pay-per-click) using Google, we offer the site for sale to businesses in the industry and geographic region. You get a state-of-the-art website and know the specific Google placement for the most popular keywords for that given business. We can tell you how many times per month the keywords are searched, and how many visits the site is getting BEFORE, let's say it again, BEFORE you purchase the site. Once you purchase a site, your contact information is immediately inserted into the site. Your relevant copy and Google map information are inserted, and it's yours! There is no better way to obtain a website. Ask your current website company if they will guarantee a page rank prior to building a site. It's not going to happen... See the links to our current ranked site projects. Some are for sale, some are still indexing.

How much would you pay, or do you pay to be on the first page of Google?
How much do you pay the Yellow Pages?
If you are looking for a way to increase customers, we can help.
Waldo Page creates live, top ranked, industry-specific websites.
Our sites are highly ranked on Google without any pay-per-click.
Once you claim a site, your logo and relevant edits/information are added.
Your business will be on the first page of the Google.
Your phone will ring.