custom sites

Custom site policies

Project Costs -
Waldo Page Inc. custom web sites are $2000.00 All custom sites are built on our state-of-the-art mobile friendly templates. All sites include one original URL/domain and one year hosting. We require a P.O. on all custom sites.

Waldo Page Payment Terms -
Waldo Page accepts checks, Visa and Master card & Paypal. Orders from In-House accounts will be invoiced net 15 days from date of delivery. All other orders are due in full prior to upload. Purchase sites on the "Sites" page. Purchase Orders - We require that purchase orders accompany all incoming site orders. If your company does not use purchase orders you can email us your request.

Site Purchase -
Once a site is purchased we will work closely with you to build the identity of the site to work well with your business. Once the initial site build is complete, we will review with you and and make a list of edits. We will do a total of 4 edit sessions for the cost of the site. Additional edits are available as service, but are typically not necesary. You will be asked to send us written content for your pages in your site as a starting point. Additional phone number and/or email contact information edits on an ongoing basis are available and free if hosted with us.

Turnaround -
Standard turnaround time for a custom site is around two weeks from payment. Google Map / Places - Waldo Page will add Google map/places information to all purchased sites once updated with customer information. Google requires a physical postcard (yes snail mail) be sent to the site owner for ownership and address verification. Once the code is received the confirmation code will be added to the site and the Google places/maps index will appear. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks.

Hosting -
Hosting - Site hosting is offered by Waldo Page and is included in the site price for the first year. All sites are hosted on state-of-the-art encrypted servers to ensure maximum uptime, security and reliability. We do offer ongoing hosting if you choose to stay with us. After the first year any payments for hosting and domain registration are nonrefundable.

SEO Longevity / Guarantee -
Custom sites will have all relevant SEO included in the original site build to rank the site as well as possible.Waldo Page cannot control or guarantee the search results from Google Inc. for any given period of time. The search results are gathered at the time of the search. We can state that the Google search platform and our SEO strategies are stable and the achieved results have been stable and consistent for the last decade. Past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Google Analytics -
Every new custom site is embedded with Google analytics.

Copyright -
Any artwork, design, rendering, photograph, or advertising / marketing ideas produced at any time by Waldo Page Inc. are copyrighted once produced. These products or ideas are the sole possession and intellectual property of Waldo Page Inc. Any unauthorized use of Waldo Page Inc. artwork, design, rendering, photograph, advertising / marketing ideas, or intellectual property without the expressed written consent of Waldo page Inc. will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Any art work submitted is considered copyrighted and must have a written release from the artist. The client agrees to save and hold harmless and to indemnify Waldo Page Inc. for all costs, expenses, attorney's fees or judgments resulting from any fees or judgments resulting from any claim or lawsuit asserting copyright infringement from the clients order or the enforcement of any provision.

Policies / Pricing-
All policies and pricing are valid for 30 days and are subject to change without notice.