How much is this going to cost me?

Not much! Our sites are about $2000.00 - no ongoing fees or gimmicks. The math is really easy if you are purchasing a ranked site. If you are a landscaper or an electrician, how many jobs does the site need to generate to pay for itself? Follow this LINK for complete pricing info.

Can I make changes to my site?

Yes! Edits are included in the inital site design. Once the site is live and transferred to you, you can still have us edit your site using our service by the hour. We will be here to help with any needs in the future. Follow this LINK to see service pricing.

How do I view the live templates?

Once you have narrowed it down to a couple of templates that you feel will work for you, get in touch with us and we will discuss your project and send you a link so you can view the entire template in action. Follow this LINK to view templates.

I already have a website!

Great! A ranked second site will increase your incoming business (many businesses have multiple sites). Your second site can potentially double customer inquiries. The most valuable real estate in business is the first page of Google. Get there! If you have two sites on the first page and a map link you are in the strongest possible position.

what is a ranked site?

Good question! Think of a ranked site as the best yellow pages add you could ever have! Within typically one day your business could be on the front page of Google for your most popular keywords. Think about how you find a local service person to work on your home... The sites are out there cooking away ready to become your single best sales tool. We build industry-specific sites and launch them live. They are indexed by Google and then sold to a business in the specific geographic area. Follow this LINK to read more about ranked sites.

will you provide logos and pictures?

Yes we will. Any logo design and/or photography is at an additional cost to the site creation. We also use many stock photo services where we can source photos at a very reasonable price.

how long will this take?

From payment to going live a custom site can typically be completed in about two weeks.

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