A Quality Team with years of experience

Who We Are

After 10 years with Ilford Imaging on the east coast learning large format inkjet manufacturing we moved to Florida and started a large format graphics design and production business that grew into a regional leader over 10 years. We then relocated back to Minnesota and founded Waldo Page. With a varied background in design and marketing for all types of business it's a natural progression from printing design to web-based design.

Necessity is the mother of invention!

When we founded the large format business we needed to be found. Through much hard work and trial and error we formulated a way to create websites that would rank very highly on Google's organic search. This experience is the key to the ongoing success of Waldopage.com

What We Do

We can handle almost any project you have involving graphic design. Our main focus is creating beautiful mobile -friendly websites for small businesses. We also do all types of graphic design from logo creation to full bus wraps!

Our Team

Mike Burton

Lead Designer

Lynn Casad

Marketing Communications

Betsy Nelson

Web Designer

Bud Bush

Code King